The new 9500 arrived more than two weeks earlier than promised, set up was easy and results outstanding. My main interest is remore control and the hardware and software works great. The new transformer is massive and takes only minutes to install. Programming to get all antennas set for each band segment took less than 30 minutes and makes operation a true breeze. Why a five? This is a true enginering marvel and the people are just as great and really know the product and the application of hardware and software and their customer service is the icing on the cake. The price will not fit everyone but you get what you pay for in this product and I expect it to last a lifetime. Great job by all the hams who care so much at RF Concepts. The Alpha Brand is surly alive and well. And Pam and Molly do everything to keep your order moving even with the backlog after the great Trade-In sale of October. Made is the USA is doing well here at RF Concepts. PS: I had long time dream to own a Alpha, dreams do come true. Happy Holidays to all.

Posted By K5OA



Below is what I have posted on the eham reviews for my Alpha 9500.

I love this amp!

I just got my Alpha 9500 a few days ago and could not resist sharing my initial thoughts. I have had manual tune amps and solid amps in the past and decided to look for one amp providing legal limit levels with auto-tune capabilities. I looked at everything out there to offer. The Alpha 9500 won the decision contest. I can honestly say I was nervous about the cost and I sold my other amps to purchase this one.

When I first got the 9500 out of the box I was stunned with the quality of the build and appearance. The instructions to set the amp up was spot on and I was powered up in no time at all. What helped was reading the manual several times before I received the amp.
Powering the amp on was just amazing. I followed the set up instructions and again, the manual was simple to understand and detailed. Tuning up was simple. Changing bands was just as simple. The 8877 tube just purrs right along at legal limit all day with ease. Just INCREDIBLE!

Going back to the manual. I have never received an amateur radio manual with such quality and details. The company did not cut any corners with the manual and we all know operator manuals are usually rough at best. Great job Alpha! I am very happy with the 9500. I was worried I made the wrong the decision, but really felt this way due to the cost. When I got the amp up and running, I can now say I made the right decision and it is worth every penny. The 9500 was so simple to set up and operate I was convinced I was forgetting something. After reading the manual over and over and observing the performance, I am now convinced I learned what was needed get the 9500 on-line and on-line right. Anyone thinking about purchasing the Alpha 9500, stop thinking and just do it! You will not be upset with the decision. I will recommend this amp to all my friends and anyone who is shopping for a new amp.

Great job Alpha!!!! Will, K4AAV



"Molly I wanted to express to you and the Alpha Team my satisfaction with the Alpha products, technical support, and genuine customer satisfaction focus. As you know, I have purchased 2 Alpha 9500's over the past year along with an Alpha 8410 and watt meter. All of which have been superior in design, quality, function, and user operability. My experience with Alpha products goes back to the late 1970's, The current product line equals and in most instances exceeds the Alpha legacy amplifiers. Alpha amplifier models I have owned in the past include; 76, 78, 77SX, and 87A.

The Alpha 9500 amplifier is an extraordinary product. The amplifier effortlessly puts out legal limit power output, transitions bands with ease, uniquely self-tunes to peak performance during operation, and is extraordinarily easy to install the power transformer and put-on-the-air & operate. I would recommend the Alpha 9500 or 8410 products to anyone who is interested in owning the "best of the best".

Thank you again! K4SX, Ron Lowrance -
President of the Missouri DX/Contest Club



First I would like to express my appreciation for your efforts last Friday evening. It was a stressful situation to say the least, but we were successful in fixing ALLl the problems with the 9500's. Over the next 48 hours I pushed those amplifiers very hard. I was operating in SO2R fashion for most of the weekend and they worked flawlessly! No unusual operation, glitches, or weird behavior was observed. In fact it is very easy to take these amplifiers completely for granted; they simply do their job and your mind is occupied elsewhere.I started the contest 40 minutes late but seemed to recover nicely. 2003 QSO's and 3.1M points later I had a new personal-best score in this contest!

Thanks again for your help." 73 Steve K0SR



Paul, W9AC, used an Alpha 9500 last weekend in the contest. If you read his comments, you'll see that he liked it. He thinks we're underplaying the linearity of our Linear Amplifiers: "If linearity is important to you, buy Alpha!". Read his comments about the 9500, and how he thinks it compares to a transistor amplifier.




"I want thank your company again for a very well built unit. When I had to remove the cover from the amp to install the power supply, my eyes saw the finest craftsmanship of any equipment that I have ever owned or seen in my 61 years on this earth. Thank you all for such a wounderful electronic master piece."

David - W5WAZ




Paul, W9AC, used an Alpha 9500 last weekend in the contest. If you read his comments, you'll see that he liked it. He thinks we're underplaying the linearity of our Linear Amplifiers: "If linearity is important to you, buy Alpha!". Read his comments about the 9500, and how he thinks it compares to a transistor amplifier.




"The only thing better than an Alpha product, is Alpha service!"

Ken - W9KB



"Just wanted to report that I am safely in the ranks of very HAPPY Alpha 9500 owners! I have had my Alpha 9500 now for two months. It is everything I had hoped for and more. Thank you! I still have to overcome many years of not having an amplifier, so don't remember to use it very often, but when I do, I have success. A couple of weeks ago, I saw ZS8M spotted on DXWatch; on SSB. Normally, I would just shrug my shoulders and hope that he would be on CW sometime, where I might have a chance at working him. I don't have much faith in my low power, low antenna and SSB for busting any pile-up. However, this time, I 'flipped the switch' on the Alpha and actually got him on the second call. WOW! I am a believer. Thanks again for an incredible product. I would write more, but I am out looking for another new one."

Mark Sherbert, KM7DX



"After being in ham radio for over 48 years and owning 4 different Alpha amplifiers, I want to tell you that my new Alpha 9500 is the best amplifier I have ever owned and operated. In addition to the concise, easy-to-read/understand, and attractive manual, the 9500 amplifier performs flawlessly and exceeds my expectations. I have it installed in a ventilated closet about 15 feet from my operating table, and it automatically tunes each frequency change I make without any effort on my part. It is quiet, attractive in its appearance, and puts out full power on all bands. I especially like being able to monitor all aspects of the amplifier's performance (including power output and SWR) on the real-time LED's. My first contact in Europe gave me a 5-9 plus 20 over, and said I was the strongest signal on the band. What more can you ask out of an amplifier? Thanks for making this great amplifier!"

Dwight Kalita, Ph.D. W8GE



"I can not begin to tell you the feel of confidence when I power up that beauty. It is stable, forgiving, and powerful" -

Lou Dietrich, N2TU, Alpha 9500 Owner



"I've had this amp for two years and I like it more each day. The 9500 is simply the finest, most rock solid, and most fun amp I own"

Jim Schwerkoske, N1JMS, Alpha 9500 Owner



"As a professional RF Systems engineer, I'm very aware of corners cut and questionable design practices put into production by many manufacturers. The form, fit, function and implementation of the Alpha 9500 is outstanding. Thourough inspection reveals how much thought went into this design. This is the best of the three alpha amplifiers I have owned.

Frank Hall, K7ZP, Alpha 9500 Owner