QST Reviews the Alpha 9500 Amplifier - They Like it !!!

QST reviewed the Alpha 9500 amplifier and we're pretty proud! This was their bottom line: "The Alpha 9500 is worthy of its place at the top of the Alpha product line. Once configured for your station, automatic tune up is effortless and nearly instantaneous. It will operate at 1500 W output for long periods with no apparent effort and is ready to serve in the most demanding amateur applications." They go on to say: "Anyone who has seen the Alpha advertisements or who has seen the display at conventions with the brick on the key knows that Alpha amplifiers are built to deliver 1500 W of RF power at 100% duty cycle with no time limit. The Alpha 9500 lives up to the family tradition and with state-of-the-art microprocessor control the flagship 9500 can hammer away day and night without operator intervention. Read the entire review HERE